About Us

The not-for-profit BugSports Club is an incorporated society based in Christchurch. It operates according to a constitution and runs through an elected committee. The mission statement of the club, as stated in the constitution, is “To promote, encourage and enable safe participation in BugPolo and River Bugging.” Our vision is to grow the sports and activities so that they operate in other centres both nationally and, eventually, internationally. The BugSports Club runs BugPolo and River Bugging activities. Both use the River Bug, a single person inflatable craft created by Christchurch designer Graeme Boddy.

River Bugging uses the Bug to ride white-water rivers. This is actually what the Bugs were designed for. They are ideal for negotiating rapids, surfing on standing waves or just sitting back and enjoying the scenery as you float by.

BugPolo is a game played during winter at an indoor swimming pool. Players sit in the River Bug and propel themselves with the fins on their feet. The game itself is a cross between netball and water polo.

Club Goals

1. To foster and promote, growth and development of the game Bugpolo and River Bugging;
2. To make, maintain, uphold and enforce rules and regulations of the game Bugpolo;
3. To provide guidance for future affiliated clubs of a similar nature as to the rules of the game Bugpolo;
4. To promote, encourage and enable safe participation in River Bugging and Bugpolo.

Club Constitution

You can find the BugSports Club on Facebook.