The 2018/2019 summer season is over. Come and join a BugPolo team and keep those Bug handling skills honed, or take the opportunity to improve your rolling technique in the comfort of the heated pool.

Next summer’s trips will posted here and on the Facebook group around October.

The RiverBug season runs over summer, usually November to March. If you have trip ideas or want more information contact the RiverBug Officer.

Here’s what we did over summer…


14th OctoberUpper  Boyle3DaleIntermediate
27th OctoberLeaders / Seconds Trip3-4GraemeIntermediate
3rd-4th November Upper Waiou Weekend3-4GraemeAdvanced
11th NovemberHurunui2-3HenryBeginner
24th NovemberOkuku, Upper Boyle3-4GraemeAdvanced
1st-2nd DecemberWest Coast Weekend (Backup Option: Murchison)3+NixieIntermediate
16th DecemberHurunui2-3DenisBeginner


19th JanuaryLower Boyle2DenisBeginner
2nd FebruaryHurunui2-3BenBeginner
24th FebruaryHurunui3SimonBeginner/Intermediate
1st-3rd MarchMurchison Weekend3+NixieIntermediate
16th-17th MarchWest Coast Wilderness Weekend3+DaleIntermediate/Advanced
30th-31st MarchAdvanced Day or Weekend Trip TBC3+GraemeAdvanced

Grading system

Beginner – For complete beginners who have never been in a bug and anyone wanting an easy trip to master the basics. Typically grade 2 and 2+.
Intermediate – For those who have been on beginner trips and are confident in the Bug. Check with the trip leader to see if this is you. Grade 2 to 3+.
Advanced – For those who have mastered rolling and like a challenge. You know who you are. Grade 3+.