River Bugging

RiverBugs are an exciting watercraft designed in Christchurch especially for use on New Zealand’s rivers. They are a unique way to access our amazing scenery and provide excitement in the rapids. RiverBugs share many of the characteristics of whitewater kayaks including their ability to do tricks and rolls. They are extremely beginner-friendly thanks to their excellent stability and buoyancy and ease of recovery

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The bug consists of a seat and backrest between two pontoons. Facing downstream, the Bugger uses short fins to provide propulsion, steering with specially designed paddle gloves. Bugs are like little bumper boats, every part provides buoyancy and rocks can be pushed off with the feet or hands.

Pic - Bug from above

With skill and practice, it is possible to tackle larger rapids, ride standing waves, perform pirouettes, rolls, flips and other tricks.