What to bring?

Day Trips

  • Wetsuit – Essential, rivers are cold at all times of the year. Minimum of 4/3mm steamer through December to February and 5mm or more for the rest of season.
  • Wetsuit booties – Preferably with a rubber sole. Neoprene socks are acceptable.
  • Thermals – Polypro or titanium top and long johns. Can be worn under the wetsuit if you need more warmth. Marino is good, bring an old one in case it gets stretched.
  • Splash jacket – very good for preventing wind chill.
  • Wetsuit hood – optional.
  • Towel – or two.
  • Sunscreen – Don’t Bug and fry.
  • Insect repellent – Repels sand flies not RiverBugs.
  • Water – to drink.
  • Food – for before and after. Snacks for on the river. Muesli bars or carrots go great in your life jacket pocket!
  • Warm clothes – to change into at the end.
  • Large dry bag – to put your wet gear in.

Weekend Trips

All of the above plus…

  • Tent – Unless accommodation is available and has been arranged.
  • Sleeping bag
  • Air bed/Sleeping mat
  • Change of clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Food – Breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day.
  • Gas Cooker + pots – if the camp site doesn’t have cooking facilities.
  • Plastic bag – Makes getting into wet wetsuits super easy.
  • $2 coins – for hot showers at Riverside Holiday Park in Murchison.