2024 Season Information & Registration

The BugSports Club is running a social winter tournament. Grab your friends, family, and coworkers, and come on down to Jellie Park to enjoy a fun night of social BugPolo games. 🥅 💦🏐

$94.00 / player or $564 / 6 person team.
Spectators free. Pool entry not included.

Wednesday Nights from 7:15pm
17th July 2024 – 4th September 2024

Jellie Park Recreation and Sports Centre

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General Info and Rolling Practice

Competion Format: Round robin with 6 teams playing. We will have three games a night, each lasting 30 minutes with 6 minutes between games. Please assemble your teams poolside ten minutes before the start of your game. 

Poolside time – 10 min before game time: All players to be assembled pool side 10 minutes before the start of their game.

Pool setup time – 7.00pm: The first two teams playing each night to bring in gear from the shed, inflate the bugs, inflate and place the goals, setup and plug in scoreboard.

Spectators and prospective players: Spectators are always welcome and pool entry is free for non swimmers. Want to have a go? Come along, we’ll get you in a bug, teach you the basics and even find you a team to join. 

Rolling practice: There’s usually a spare Bug and lane to practice in – get that roll sorted for next summer’s RiverBugging