Results 2019

Handicap Tournament Night – Thursday 22nd August

The games were ten minutes long with all teams playing each other.

We had four teams on the night. Robert & Denis’ teams were short on players so decided to combine for the tournament. Tobi and Jacob each had full strength teams. Nixie brought along a very strong team and was given the biggest starting handicap of negative ten points.

Jacob and Tobi’s teams got off to a good start, both comfortably beating Robert & Denis’ team, but Nixie’s team, in spite of the ten point handicap, beat all the other teams to claim the “Bugger Me” trophy.

A new record was made. This is the first time a team with more than one girl has won a competition!

Game 1 Robert/Denis Loss – Win Jacob
Game 2 Robert/Denis Loss – Win Tobi
Game 3 Robert/Denis Loss – Win Nixie
Game 4 Nixie Win – Loss Jacob
Game 5 Nixie Win – Loss Tobi

Knockout Finals – Thursday 15th August

7.15 – Runners Up Play Off – In the first game playing off for 3rd and 4th place, Denis’s team got off to a racing start and was well ahead of Robert’s team by half time. However Robert’s team slowly pulled it back until they were tied with less than a minute to go. After the restart Denis took possession of the ball and neatly slotted a goal a few seconds from the end to take the game 20 to 18.

7.45 – Social Grade (B) Trophy Play Off – The second game of the night, was the big one playing off for the Social Grade Trophy. Jacob with his team from Riley Consultants were the new boys & girl on the block. Tobi with his more experienced crew showed no mercy in hammering in those goals. Jacob and his crew rallied towards the end, but it was too late and Tobi’s team claimed their first trophy with a win 28 to 13.

7:15 Robert's Team 18 – 20 Denis's Team
7:45 Jacob's Team 13 – 28 Tobi's Team

Knockout Round – Thursday 8th August

7:15 – In the first game Tobi’s team narrowly beat Robert’s team 18-14.
7:45 – In the second game of the night “Sneaky Denis” had recruited some A grade players from the past. Even though they won the game it was ruled “not cricket” and Jake’s team was awarded the win!

Time Team Score Team
7:15 Tobi’s Team 18 – 14 Robert’s Team
7:45 Jacob’s Team Win – Loss Denis’ Team

Round 2 – Thursday 1st August

Casual games, no scores kept.

7:15 Tobi’s Team N/A Denis’ Team
7:45 Jacob’s Team N/A Robert’s Team

Round 1 – Thursday 25th July

Casual games, no scores kept.

7:15 Jacob’s Team N/A Tobi’s Team
7:45 Robert's Team N/A Denis' Team

Intro Night – Thursday 18th July

Introduction to the new social grade competition, the emphasis is on fun, mates and families. We had a good atmosphere with everyone enjoying themselves. Great playing with the rules and skills being picked up really fast.

6:45 Beginners have a go session N/A Beginners have a go session
7:15 Informal games N/A Informal games
7:45 Informal games N/A Informal games