Fixtures 2020

This year was a social grade competition with the emphasis on fun, mates and families.

It was good to see a number of new faces joining us at the beginner’s nights, as well as those returning from previous seasons.

Now onto the main competition! This was a round robin culminating in the semi finals and finals in the last two nights. 

Rolling Practice and General info

Competition Format: Round robin with 7 teams playing. We will have four games a night, each lasting 24 minutes with 6 minutes between games. Each week one team will play two games, normally the first and third games. Please assemble your teams poolside ten minutes before the start of your game. Timing will be tight and the last game must finish by 9.30pm. Make sure you’re ready to go as referees will start the game on time, no matter what!

Pool setup: The first two teams to be playing are expected to have two members poolside at 7.00pm to help set up, with the rest of the team ready to help & play at 7.10pm.

Spectators and prospective players: Spectators are always welcome (but not at COVID level 2 or higher sorry) and pool entry is free for non-swimmers. Want to have a go? Come along, we’ll get you in a bug, teach you the basics and even find you a team to join. 

Rolling practice: There’s usually a Bug and a spare lane to practice in between or after the games. 

BugPolo Season Calendar

Wednesday 15th JulyIntro Night
Wednesday 22th JulyFriendlies Night
Wednesday 29th JulyRound 1
Wednesday 5th AugustRound 2
Wednesday 12th AugustRound 3
Wednesday 19th August Round 4
Wednesday 26th AugustRound 5
Wednesday 2nd SeptemberSemi Finals
Wednesday 9th SeptemberFinals


Finals and Semi Finals – Wednesday 9nd September

The grand finale. Who will take home the BugPolo trophies?

This is the last game of the season, please stick around and socialise.

  • 7:20 – Game 1: Denis’s Team vs Lochlan’s Team. (Sports Grade semi final)
  • 7:50 – Game 2: We Lost The Paddles! vs KRABs (Chocolate Fish)
  • 8:20 – Game 3: Bug-Polio vs Winner: Dennis vs Lochlan (Sports grade final)
  • 8:50 – Game 4: Squid Squad vs Tobi’s Team. (Social grade final)

Quarter Finals and Friendly – Wednesday 2nd September

Quarter finals to determine who will contend the BugPolo trophies.

  • 7:20 – Game 1: KRABs vs Bug-Polio (Friendly game)
  • 7:50 – Game 2: Denis’s Team vs Squid Squad (Sports grade quarter final)
  • 8:20 – Game 3: Bug-Polio vs We Lost The Paddles! (Friendly game)
  • 8:50 – Game 4: Tobi’s Team vs Lochlan’s Team. (Sports grade quarter final)

Round 5 – Wednesday 26th August

Round robin competition.

  • 7:25: We Lost The Paddles! vs Denis’s Team
  • 7:55: Tobi’s Team vs Bug-Polio 
  • 8:25: We Lost The Paddles! vs KRABs 
  • 8:55: Squid Squad vs Lochlan’s Team 

Round 4 – Wednesday 19th August

Round robin competition.

  • 7:25: Bug-Polio vs We Lost The Paddles!
  • 7:55: Tobi’s Team vs Squid Squad 
  • 8:25: Denis’s Team vs Lachlan’s Team 
  • 8:55: KRABs vs Squid Squad 

Round 3 – Wednesday 12th August

Round robin competition.

  • 7:25: Bug-Polio vs Lochlan’s Team
  • 7:55: Tobi’s Team vs We Lost The Paddles 
  • 8:25: KRABs vs Lochlan’s Team 
  • 8:55: Squid Squad vs Denis’s Team 

Round 2 – Wednesday 5th August

Round robin competition. Denis’s team gets two games this week.

  • 7:25: Bug-Polio vs Denis’s Team
  • 7:55: Lochlan’s Team vs Tobi’s Team
  • 8:25: Denis’s Team vs KRABs 
  • 8:55: Squid Squad vs We lost the Paddles! 

Round 1 – Wednesday 29th July

Round robin competition begins.

  • 7:30: Tobi’s Team vs We lost the Paddles!
  • 8:00: Lochlan’s Team vs Denis’s Team
  • 8:30: Tobi’s Team vs KRABs
  • 9:00: Squid Squad vs Bug-Polio

Friendlies Night – Wednesday 22th July

This will be a non competition friendlies night again. Game time of 30 minutes, 14 min per half.

Come along even if you don’t have a team and we’ll find you one.

The first two teams are asked to have two members poolside at 7.00pm to help set up, with the rest of the team poolside by 7.15pm.

  • 7.30pm: Tobi’s Team vs Bug-Polio
  • 8.05pm: We lost the Paddles vs KRABs
  • 8.40pm: Squid Squad vs Lochlan’s Team

Intro Night – Wednesday 15th July

If you’re interested in playing or just want to see what it’s all about this is the night for you. Don’t worry if you’re not in one of the teams listed, we’ll find you one and get you on the water to have a go. This is perfect for anyone that hasn’t played before and those that need a refresher.

  • 7.00pm: Meet & greet. Introduction to the game and the Bug.
  • 7.30pm: Demo Game: Brodie’s “We lost the Paddles!” vs Rob’s “Squid Squad”
  • 8.00pm: Demo Game: Tobi’s Team vs Lochlan’s Team
  • 8.30pm: Demo Game: Nixie’s “Bug-Polio” vs Graeme’s KRABs
  • 9.00pm: Whoever hasn’t played or is still keen. We have the pool till 9.30pm.

*Intro night cost: Pool entry only, Adult $6.20, Child under 16 $3.60, Spectators free